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"I like to imagine a whole story behind a character or a motive, but when I start painting, there comes a moment when any considerations and worries beyond the work itself, the color, the paper and the brush in my hand, become somehow less important. That is what I call happiness!"

About me

My name is Alla Jönsson Lanevska. I am a 35 years old artist and graphic designer. I am born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine, resident in Sweden since 2000.

My interest for art started at an early age, and my formal artistic training began early. After 4 years at an art school, I've had private lessons in painting and graphics. I have a bachelor's degree in digital design; at the present I am working as a graphic designer.

Techniques & Inspiration

I paint mostly in watercolour and gouache, but sometimes experiment with oil, pen & ink, pastel and collage. Color and detail are very important to me.

Mythology, especially Celtic and Slavic, folklore, and fantasy literature are my great sources of inspiration.  "The Silmarillion" by J.R.R.Tolkien is a literary masterpiece that influenced my way of seeing the made-up worlds as places where every beautiful thing constructed by human imagination can become alive. Among other important literary influences are Michail Bulgakov, Lesya Ukrainka, British poets of Romantic age and such classics of the Medieval literature as "Le Morte d'Arthur" and "Tristan and Iseult".


My influences in the world of art include Pre-Raphaelites, Gustav Klimt, modern award-winning illustrators Vladislav Yerko and Alan Lee. I paint both abstract art and art inspired by pre-raphaelites, sometimes with surreal touches.

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